Saturday, November 8, 2008

Failed Idea > Steel pipe to 22mm copper easy fit fittings.

Parts list for the basic structure.

1.6M of 22mm copper pipe
3 22mm elbow joints
1 22mm T joint
1 22mm Compression tank connector
6 22mm plastic pipe clips
3/4 MDF

The Skate bearings you can buy from most sports shops around £8 for 8 bearings.
Please note that buying a set from the rrrf is much more cost effective; order them with your full kit of bits don't forget to buy some Nichrome wire as well.

First cut the 22mm coper pipe to size using a standard pipe cutter.
Here are the sizes to cut.

3 x 335mm 22mm copper pipe

2 x 182mm 22mm copper pipe

1 x 106mm 22mm copper pipe

Pipe cutters like either of these they also are available in the same store.

Don't try putting any of the parts together, once fitted you need a special tool to undo an easy fit joint.

You end up with a pile of bits like this. You can now start to assemble some of these parts.

Notice that the two main bars are not fitted at this stage as they need holes to be drilled.