Wednesday, January 21, 2009

McWire Cartesian Bot ~ B&Q UK version


This is a UK version of Zacks post on the RepRap site.

I found that many of the parts required for Zacks build are not that easy to source in the UK.

The simplicity of the design and build methods compared to my Repstrap Bertha build and could not be ignored so this is my attempt to help other people to build a reasonably priced RepStrap Machine.

Despite the recent drop in the pound to US dollar exchange rate the electronics kits and roller bearings are still cheaper from the RRRF store than getting bare boards from RRRF and the components from Farnel or RS. I know this from experience with my first set for Repstrap Bertha where I used the bare boards.

Roller bearings are around £8 for 8 from any good sports shop. They tend to have plastic covering the ball race. The RRRF price is $3 for 8 they are all metal and seem to spin easier. I used both and prefer the ones from the RRRF.

I started the project using copper pipe which I soon replaced with the B&Q replacement for 2"x1" wood.

What do you need

Tools you will need the following

  • Drill press, Cord less Drill or power Drill
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hand Saw
  • Hacksaw
  • Pliers
  • Spanners
  • Scissors
  • Printer
  • A vice
  • Sandpaper: rough, medium, and fine

Raw Materials

So here is my B&Q based version of the parts list or raw materials.

This post is still a work in progress to be continued in April
I have two Bathrooms to re-fit in April as well .... watch this space ;-)


Hazel said...

Hi - another B&Q'er! I have also compiled my McWire shopping list with B&Q, but my u-shaped Al rails are 20mm x 20mm, whereas I see yours are 15.
Have you used them? Do they work fine? Why did you pick that size?


BodgeIt said...

Sorry I missed your question. I was not Blogging much.

They only had 15mm in stock & yes it did work it was also very slightly cheaper.

I think you are past that point by now tho sorry.

michael.griffiths said...

Hi, is this project still ongoing? i am interested in building a reprap/repstrap using parts from my local b&q.



BodgeIt said...

Sorry it was completed quite a while ago.. All the parts were bought in B&Q

Its great for milling but a bit slow for RepRapping unless you convert it to a belt drive on the X and Y Axsis.
Picture of finished project here.

I can answer any questions on the bits used from B&Q